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family peace of mind

Aimed at the young family who prefers the security of a structured benefit package. Suited to members whose health risk can best be described as low to moderate.

For Employer Groups, all family members use principal member’s age category

For Individuals, all family members use the eldest member’s age category

Contributions for employer group
Age Principal
Special dep
Contributions for individual members
Age Principal
Special dep

The Titanium option is a “traditional” type benefit option offering members the comfort of peace of mind benefits whilst remaining affordable with well-structured sub-limits in respect of day-to-day expenses. This benefit option is typically aimed at the young family who prefers the security of a structured benefit package. As per the previous benefit option, the “per family benefit” concept also applies whereby benefits are not reserved on a per beneficiary basis. Instead members are able to access the family benefits to access the overall family benefit should he or she need it.

This benefit option offers comprehensive benefits for both major and day-to-day medical expenses and is ideal if a member needs comprehensive cover for medical costs. With a generous Overall Annual Limit and high day-to-day benefits, this benefit option is better suited to members whose health risk can best be described as low to moderate.

Please note: All services are paid at 100% of the NAMAF benchmark tariff, unless indicated to the contrary.

  • In-hospital & out of hospital services
  • Chronic and acute medicine
  • Basic and specialised radiology – in and out-hospital
  • Dentistry
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Maternity
  • Preventative Care
  • Dentistry
  • Optical
  • Pathology and auxiliary services
Roll-Over Benefit

For diligent management of your healthcare expenditure:

Principal N$ 3,840.00
Adult/Special dependant N$ 790.00
Child N$ 790.00
Example Roll-over Benefit: (Principal member + spouse + two children) = N$6,210 per year.
  NAMAF tarriff or % thereofPrincipal MemberPer Additional BeneficiaryPer FamilyConditions
Overall Annual Limit 1,550,000 2,320,000 
1.Healthcare provider and medical specialistsSPA
1.1Consultations and visits: In-hospital225 %
1.2Procedures: In-hospital225 %
2.Chronic Medication9,06014,300
2.1Chronic approved – Min levy of N$30: Subject to prior registration80 %
3.Hospital servicesSPA
3.1Accommodation and theatre100 %
3.2Blood transfusions100 %
3.3Dialysis100 %
3.4Medication100 %
3.5Accommodation in private wards100 %12,10023,600
3.6Accommodation other than a recognised hospital or medical institution: SA only100 %835 per day
3.7Appliances and prosthesis: Surgical100 %53,70062,000
3.8Refractive surgery: Full procedure – A waiting period of 12 months will apply100 %7,1109,250
3.9Organ transplants: Full procedure100 %116,000
3.10Private nursing100 %28,10028,100
3.11Oncology100 %616,000
4.1Radiology: Specialised MRI and CT scans in-and-out of hospital combined100 %22,300
4.2Basic radiology: In-hospital100 %
5.1Pathology: In-hospital100 %
6.1Oral surgery: Full procedure100 %53,600
6.2Maxillo facial surgery: Non-elective only100 %
6.3Dental implants
6.4Hospitalisation100 %Subject to Advanced DentistrySubject to Advanced DentistrySubject to Advanced Dentistry
6.5Consultation, procedure and cost of implants100 %Subject to Advanced DentistrySubject to Advanced DentistrySubject to Advanced Dentistry
7.Psychiatric treatment23,70043,900SPA
7.1Hospitalisation or institutionalisation100 %
7.2Rehabilitation: Alcohol and drug addiction or abuse100 %
8.1Confinement: Full procedure100 %SPA
8.2Antenatal consultations (total consultations)100 %12 visitsOAL
8.32D Sonar scans (total scans)100 %2 ScansOAL
8.4Amniocentesis100 %SPA
8.5Panorama Prenatal test100 %SPA
9.Preventative careOAL
9.1Vaccinations: As per list100 %
10.Specified illness conditions41,000OAL
10.1HIV/AIDS: Including the cost of pathology tests100 %SPA
10.2Sexually transmitted diseases100 %3,5404,680SPA
11.Ambulance services: Only for medical or trauma emergenciesSPA
11.1Air evacuation100 %
11.2Ambulance services100 %
11.3Ambulance services: Inter-hospital transfer100 %4,9204,920
11.4Other transportation80 % 1st transfer and subsequent
12.Artificial limbs and eyesSPA
12.1Artificial limbs100 %28,400
12.2Artificial eyes100 %14,300
13.Heart surgery rehabilitation100 %17,200OAL
14.Insertion Mirena Device: All Inclusive – Every 3 years7,080OAL
15.Stoma Care products100 %33,200OAL
16.Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme100 %Subject to DBC protocolSubject to DBC protocolSubject to DBC protocolOAL
  NAMAF tarriff or % thereofPrincipal MemberPer Additional BeneficiaryPer FamilyConditions
Out-of-hospital: Sub-limit     
1.Healthcare provider and medical specialists8,8402,110
1.1Consultations or visits: Out-of-hospital100 %Unlimited, max 5 virtual GP consultationsUnlimited, max 5 virtual GP consultations
1.2Out-of-hospital services100 %
1.3Pathology or radiology: Out-of-hospital100 %
1.4Chronic Lifestyle disease extender benefit100 %Additional benefits as specifiedAdditional benefits as specifiedAdditional benefits as specifiedOAL
2.Medicine and injections
2.1Acute medicine5,550690
2.1.1Acute: Pharmacy dispensed – Min. levy of N$ 3080 %
2.1.2Acute: Doctors dispensed – Min. levy of N$ 3080 %
2.1.3Self medication: Over-the-counter – No levy: Subject to acute medication limit100 %1,170230245 per claim
2.1.4Vitamins, homeopathic and phytotherapy medication – Min levy of N$3080 %645210245 per claim
2.2Chronic medicine
2.2.1Chronic approved: Subject to prior registration – Min. levy of N$ 30
3.1Basic dentistry: Subject to sub-limit100 %6,3201,580
3.2Dental technicians100 %
3.3Advanced dentistry
3.3.1Orthodontics100 %
3.3.2Dental Implants: Full procedure100 %
4.1Eye tests100 %
4.2Spectacles and lenses: Frames every 2nd year100 %Frame limit to N$ 1,400
4.3Orthoptics100 %
5.Auxiliary services12,500700
5.1Chiropody100 %15 visits
5.2Clinical psychology100 %15 visits
5.3Dietician100 %15 visits
5.4Homeopathy: Consultation only100 %15 visits
5.5Occupational therapy100 %15 visits
5.6Social workers100 %15 visits
5.7Appliances: Non-surgical100 %SPA
5.8Physiotherapy100 %15 visits
5.9Biokinetics100 %15 visits
5.10Audiology and speech therapy100 %15 visits
5.11Chiropractic100 %15 visits
5.12Podiatry100 %15 visits
6.Diabetic devices benefitOAL
6.1Insulin Pumps/Glucose Monitoring System/Glucose reader80%46,500
6.2Diabetes related consumables for insulin pumps/Glucose Monitoring System/Glucose reader80%3,1203,120
  • Flu vaccines are covered as part of the Preventative Care benefit.

  • 1 COVID-19 vaccine regimen per year is covered as part of the Preventative Care benefit for all beneficiaries older than 16 years.

  • Vitamins under specific conditions to be authorised from the Chronic Medication benefit.

  • Limited benefit for vitamins available under 2.1.4. above, without a prescription.

  • NHP pays for contraceptives (oral and injections) limited to N$ 245 per claim.

  • Sunblock may be purchased at pharmacies under the Self-medication benefit.

  • Pre-authorised travelling costs for specialist referrals in Namibia partly covered if residing more than 150km

    from Windhoek – accommodation included, limited to N$ 835 per night, maximum of 2 nights per family per annum.

  • No basic dentistry will be covered under the Oral surgery benefit.

  • Intra ocular lenses included in Appliances and prosthesis surgical benefit – limited to N$ 6 700 per lens. Refer to 3.7.

  • Blood pressure monitor: N$ 610 per beneficiary.

  • Auxiliary services – 15 consultations inclusive of 5 virtual consultations per listed specialities. Subject to available benefits.