Optional Benefits

Below is a list of all the Optional Benefits available at NHP. Click on a link below for more information, or simply scroll down.

Funeral Cover

The Fund offers you the opportunity to obtain funeral cover at a very competitive rate. The funeral cover is optional to the normal medical aid fund benefits. The risk of this product is fully underwritten by a registered insurer as required by the Medical Aid and Insurance Acts. To apply for funeral cover you should fill out a funeral cover application form and return it to us.

You must indicate whether funeral cover should apply to your life only or include the rest of your family as well. The funeral cover monthly contribution will be additional to the normal monthly contributions.

Monthly contributions:

Principal MemberN$ 9.50 per member per month
FamilyN$ 16.70 per family per month

Funeral cover benefit breakdown:

Children (14 + and adults)N$ 15,000.00 each
Children (1 – 14 years)N$ 7,500.00 each
Stillborn to 11 months
N$ 3,750.00 each