A guideline to your babies reaction to sounds


Is startled by a sudden loud noise such as a hand clap or a door slamming. Blinks or opens eyes widely to such sounds, stops sucking or starts to cry.

Newborn to 1 month

Starts to notice sudden prolonged sounds like the noise of a vacuum cleaner and may turn towards the noise. Pauses and listens to the noises when they begin.

1 to 4 months

Quietens or smiles to the sounds of a familiar voice even when unable to see speaker and turns eyes or head towards voice. Shows excitement at sounds e.g. voices, footsteps etc.

4 to 7 months

Turns immediately to familiar voices across the room or to very quiet noises made on each side, if not too occupied with other things.

7 to 9 months

Listens attentively to familiar everyday sounds and searches for very quiet sounds made out of sight.

9 to 12 months

Shows some response to own name. May also respond to expressions like ‘no’ and ‘bye-bye’ even when no accompanying gesture can be seen.

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