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Membership to the NHP medical aid fund may be applied for by anyone, and is subject to the approval by the Board of Trustees. There are three main categories of membership for which you can apply to join the fund, and which are governed by the fund rules:

Individual or Private Members

Any person who is self-employed or financially independent and who is neither an employee nor a continuation member of a participating employer group may apply to become a member of the Fund. Members should be 60 years or younger at the date of applying for membership.

How Individual membership contributions are calculated:
In the case of an individual member, the monthly contribution is calculated according to their age and number of dependants, as well as the benefit option chosen. If one of the individual member’s dependants is older than the principal member, the monthly contribution will be calculated according to the age of the oldest dependant. The monthly contribution is recalculated with every change in any of the aforementioned factors. The monthly contribution so recalculated is payable with effect from the 1st day of the calendar month in which the event giving rise to the change in any of the aforementioned factors shall have occurred. No person older than 60-years of age will be allowed to join the Fund as an individual member.

Student Membership

Students who are not regarded as dependants on their parent’s medical aid fund, but apply for membership with the Fund, should pay monthly contributions in advance for the whole year once accepted.

Please note: The South African Immigration Amendment Act (Act 19 of 2004) has certain implications for Namibian students applying for a study permit in South Africa. In terms of the current arrangement between the South African and Namibian authorities, all Namibians applying for a study permit need to show proof of membership with a medical aid fund, registered in Namibia or South Africa. You are advised to first confirm with the university if this prerequisite is enforced before applying for medical aid within South Africa.

Employer Groups

An employer group wishing to obtain membership with the Fund should complete the application for employer group membership form provided that at least 10 of its employees, who qualify for membership, join the Fund. Employers, even if they are less than 10 employees but registered with the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) and any of the other registered umbrella bodies, may join the Fund as an employer group. The employer group will qualify for the reduced monthly contributions under the NHP employer group structure. Employer groups with fewer than 10 employees, and not forming part of the NCCI or any other umbrella body, may also join the Fund, but will not be eligible for the reduced monthly contributions.

Please note: The condition for continued employer group status is that companies or members should renew their membership with these umbrella bodies on an annual basis and provide proof of such updated subscriber status to NHP.

Also note that the employer bears the responsibility to ensure that all monthly contributions deducted and collected from the active member’s salaries are paid over to the Fund no later than the 7th day of the month in which monthly contributions are due in terms of the agreement.

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The Board of Trustees reserves the right to impose exclusions or restrictive conditions on pre-existing medical conditions as from the date of joining the Fund and for a period not

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