When do pro-rated annual benefits apply?

Pro-rated annual benefits will apply to membership that is shorter than one calendar year. Pro-rated annual benefits will also apply to beneficiaries that may be enrolled during the course of a benefit year. On joining the Fund a member will have the option of paying back-dated monthly contributions to the start of the financial year in order to increase his/her benefits to the full annual limit.

If a member joins the Fund after the 1st day of the financial year, he/she shall be deemed to have joined the Fund on the 1st day of the calendar month in which he/she was admitted to membership. In such event, the maximum benefits for all services under the day-today benefits are decreased for such financial year in the same ratio as the number of calendar months already expired up to 12. Pro-rated annual benefits apply for all day-to-day benefits, chronic medication, and oral surgery.

Similarly if a member terminates his/her membership from the Fund before the last day of the financial year, he/she shall be deemed to have terminated membership of the Fund on the last day of the calendar month in which his/her membership actually terminates. In such event, the provisions of the previous paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis. The Fund may recoup from the member or from his/her deceased estate, as the case may be, any sum disbursed by the Fund, on behalf of such member or his/her dependants, that exceeds the pro-rated portion of the annual benefits applicable to such member’s membership at the date of termination of membership.

Pro-rated annual benefits are not only applicable when joining the Fund in the course of the year, but also on termination of membership during the course of the financial year.