What is the Roll-Over Benefit?

  • Members Roll-Over benefit accumulates in their name for as long as they are members of NHP.
  • A Roll-Over benefit instruction claims form for manual Roll-Over refunds must be completed and can be sent via fax 061 223 904 or emailed to claims@nhp.com.na.
  • If members select the automated claims process, the completed form can be sent via fax 061 230 465 or emailed to members@nhp.com.na.

If you claim less than a certain threshold amount included in your day-to-day benefits, you will build up a Roll-Over benefit which you can use to pay for healthcare treatment and medical costs. Claims paid in accordance to the day-to-day benefits of each benefit option, taking into account the threshold level, will first be debited against the Roll-Over benefit after which the normal day-to-day risk benefits will be used.

At the end of April, in the following benefit year, if your previous year’s day-to-day claims excluding costs for chronic medication are less than the Roll-Over benefit, the remaining balance will be transferred into your accumulated Roll-Over benefit account, which you can use to pay for additional medical expenses normally excluded in terms of the Rules of the Fund.