What is an “Individual member”?

Members of the public who wish to join in their own capacity, or employer groups with fewer than 10 employees applying and qualifying for medical aid fund membership at the time of commencement, are regarded as individual members. Such persons may, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, register their spouse and children as dependants, provided that they are not entitled to benefits from any other medical aid fund. In the case of an individual member, the monthly contribution is calculated according to their age and number of dependants, as well as the benefit option chosen. If one of the individual member’s dependants is older than the principal member, the monthly contribution will be calculated according to the age of the oldest person.

The monthly contribution is recalculated with every change in any of the aforementioned factors. The monthly contribution so recalculated is payable with effect from the 1st day of the calendar month in which the event giving rise to the change in any of the aforementioned factors shall have occurred. No person older than 60-years of age will be allowed to join the Fund as a new individual member.