If I want to cancel my membership, what is the procedure?

A termination request form must be filled out and returned to NHP via email to members@nhp.com.na or fax 061 230 465 it with a minimum of thirty days prior to the effective termination date.

An employer wishing to terminate its contract with the Fund must provide the Board of Trustees with one calendar month’s written notice of such intention. Failing to do this, the employer will be held liable for one calendar month’s contributions, based on the average, calculated over the last 6 calendar month’s contributions.

A member of the Fund who is also an employee and who wishes to terminate his/her membership must provide the Board of Trustees with one calendar month’s written notice of such intention, while the rest of the group maintains group status with the Fund. Employees resigning voluntarily from the Fund may only re-join subject to the discretion and approval of the Board of Trustees at the beginning of a new financial year.

Members resigning from an employer group may apply for individual membership with the Fund. Members, who are required to terminate their membership as a consequence of having changed from one employer to another, must note that they will have to complete and submit a new membership application form together with a copy of their ID/Passport document. Normal underwriting requirements will apply.

A 30-day notice period, commencing on the 1st day of the following calendar month, will apply to all members and employer groups wanting to terminate their membership. Individual members, who have joined the Fund and leave the Fund within 3-months of having joined, will be held liable to repay all benefits utilised within such period.