I need an ambulance; can I use any emergency evacuation service?

Although the Fund may make use of the services of any number of accredited emergency service providers the Fund maintains two dedicated emergency contact numbers at E-Med Rescue 24 and LifeLink Emergency Services. Both E-Med Rescue 24 and LifeLink Emergency Services are locally owned emergency medical evacuation companies with the appropriate infrastructure in place to provide adequate cover and peace of mind to all NHP members.

NHP emergency numbers:

  • tel 061 222 223 (E-Med Rescue 24 Call Centre)
  • tel 064 501 000 (LifeLink Emergency Services Call Centre)

Should E-Med Rescue 24 or LifeLink Emergency Services not have ambulances available or a physical presence in the members town of residence, then members will still be required to contact them at the above mentioned numbers and they in return will arrange with any other emergency medical evacuation provider, to be of assistance during an emergency.