I don’t live in Windhoek, but I need to visit a specialist there for treatment – can I claim accommodation expenses at an establishment other than a recognised hospital/medical institution?

In the event of a member staying outside of a radius of 150km from Windhoek and the member being referred to a specialist in Windhoek for treatment, the Fund will contribute towards the cost of accommodation at a recognised and accredited accommodation establishment such as a guest house or bed and breakfast at the following rates:

  • On Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Hospital plan, Silver and Bronze options: N$ 835.00 per night, Maximum of 2 nights per family per anum, refer to Benefit Guide;
  • All claims for reimbursement are subject to pre-authorisation.

No claim will be considered if the member did not receive prior authorisation to claim such expenses from the Fund.

Available on Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Hospital, Silver and Bronze options.

Subject to availability of Overall Annual Limit.