NHP Basic Mental Health First Aid Course

NHP is proud to launch the NHP Mental Health First Aid Training Course. This course is a first in Namibia offered free of charge to all NHP members via personalised member voucher

Learn the basic knowledge and skills to identify changes in your employees, family and colleagues that might suggest mental health struggles. Learn to best support them and get them the appropriate professional support they need. The goal is to prevent small mental challenges from becoming significant mental health problems that could affect long-term employee well-being and productivity.

Course topics

  • The local and global state of mental health
  • The cost and ROI of mental health
  • Stigma and other limits to access of healthcare
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • What is mental health/illness
  • Factors that contribute to mental illness
  • Stress, distress, mental illness and the brain
  • An overview of common mental disorders
  • Mental health first aid model
  • Mental health first aid champion characteristics and skills
  • Basic communication skills
  • Risk-assessment
  • Looking out for signs of mental distress
  • Talking to a co-worker about your concerns
  • Talking about suicide
  • Encouraging seeking help